With over 50 years of building new homes our satisfied client list is vast. With our many thanks to all, below is a sampling of our mail...

"Dear Gregg,

As we finish 2009 and have now been in our home on Strong Road almost a year, we are so thankful for the opportunity we had in building our new home with you! Since initially meeting with your Dad while touring your model home, we have been impressed with your communication and follow-ups. You actively listened to us through the entire process starting with our design ideas and continuing to the present. Our home reflects our vision because you worked creatively and diligently with us until we were satisfied.

We were not sure anyone could understand what we meant by a "Craftsmen" style home but your understanding, your planning and anticipatory guidance were essential throughout the construction process. Your e-mails and construction timeframe guidelines kept us on target and allowed us to make timely decisions on all the specifications that made our home unique to us. We were impressed too with your organization and enjoyed your attitude and "can do" spirit. We always knew the expected timelines and the financial considerations of our choices and we found you very fair about the cost of our change orders.

The quality of the craftsmanship continues to impress us especially when looking at other new homes our friends have built! It was obvious that you had strong relationships with the subcontractors you hired. This is evident throughout the house but especially in the details around the kitchen design, tile work, trim and window work. We truly feel that our home was custom designed for us; it is our distinctive home!!

We want to thank you again for building our dream home. It was a joy to work with you and your Dad and we look forward to spending many happy years in this wonderful place. Best wishes to you and your father as you continue building dream homes for others."


Bill and Leslie Hulbert - Strong Road, Victor NY


"Ben and I cannot thank you enough for helping us with our dream home here in Bramwell Park! This was the first time for us with building a new home and we were very happy with your guidance; the whole process was an amazing experience! We know this will be the place will be in for a very long time and can't wait to start our family in such a beautiful place. We're thrilled we decided to build with you. Hope to see the neighborhood grow!"


Ben and Katie Wandtke - 7959 Bramwell Park, Victor NY


"Dear Dick and Gregg:

Thank you so much for your help in building our dream home! Your input was invaluable and we know the house would have never turned out so well without your efforts..."


Joe and Nadine Marino - Brigden Lane, Pittsford


"Wow, Gregg; what an pleasant experience! You were right about positioning the house the way you did. We always chuckle about that initial "conversation" we had when we sit in our morning room now and enjoy all the natural light coming in! We have the back yard privacy we wanted without giving up the natural light we needed... Looking back on it now, we cant thank you enough for your advice and for the quality we see all around us now in our new home. Feel free to give our names out to anyone looking for a reference."

Thanks again,

The Coggins - 7971 Bramwell Park, Victor


"I wanted to take the time to extend my appreciation to the wonderful job you both did in constructing my new home.I am extremely pleased with the job Bowering Homes did on the organization and structure of all the different factors involved with my home and site. From the earliest of days when you helped me develop a blueprint that fit my site, my needs, and my pocketbook, to the final days and details of closing on the house, everything was first rate!

I realize that offsite building is not always the easiest task for builders, but want to thank you for providing this function for me. All the effort and coordination of my site work was done and made tolerable because of your involvement with the process.

I am extremely thankful you persuaded me to let you take this site work development on! I had visions of saving money by doing this myself but realized early on I was in way over my head and that a professional like you was necessary to coordinate all this. I am convinced that you saved me money in the long run by performing this task as there is no way I could fully realize all of the factors that had to be put together just to get the site ready for the house. I am glad Bowering Homes was there to take charge.

Your ability to clearly communicate with me as your client is a great asset to have; one that I know other builders and developers do not possess. I was so thankful that you kept me updated daily and that if I had questions you were prompt in finding the answers and getting back to me quickly. Your honesty and clarity mad for a smooth progression of events in getting the house up and finished, not to mention the pond, the long drive, the electric and gas, etc... all those things it's easy to forget about! From the early days of staking out the site and establishing the grade to the final days before closing, you made the process go smoothly.

There are not enough words to go on paper to explain how comfortable I felt working with you. Bowering Homes should be proud of their construction and of their honest manner in dealing with clients. You certainly have built a reputation that is well deserved.

In the truest sense I can muster, thank you Gregg and Dick!"

Troy Kailbourne - Boughton Hill road, Mendon, NY


"Gregg, we thought the whole process was going to be overwhelming with all the decisions that were to be made, but you made it a pleasurable experience. Your selection schedule (and advice) made life easy during the five months of construction, and the quality was first rate!"

Great job!

Dick and Sylvia Wesolowski


"Irene and I were extremely pleased with Gregg's commitment to quality, culture, and detail in the planning and completing of our house (on time I want to add!) in Crestwood Circle. Your leadership, excellent management of your subcontractors, and attention to details I would have never thought to look at made our experience both positive and memorable.

Gregg is the complete customer oriented professional."

Bob Greenslade - Crestwood Circle, Pittsford, NY


"Dear Gregg, I can't believe it has been three years since we moved into our house! As we are so prominently situated on Marsh road, we still have people ringing our doorbell asking who built our home. This is a tribute to both of you. Without a doubt, we always recommend you highly.

As time goes by and we have had the opportunity to see other new homes, we sometimes have to snicker when we see the kind of quality and craftsmanship evident in our home. The time you spent with us and on the job during its construction certainly paid off. All our questions and concerns were always given your immediate attention and you always made us feel our home was your number one priority.

Once again, we want to extend our thanks for all that you did to make our homebuilding experience a pleasurable one. You can be sure that if we ever decide to build again we will be calling you."

Greg and Jean Wegman - 321 Marsh road, Pittsford


"Dear Gregg, Thanks for repairing the garage. It seemed to be a bigger job than I anticipated. We appreciate you standing behind your work even though we realize it was way past the warranty period. It would be great if all businesses had your integrity.

Thank you again,"

Jim and Michelle Fetten - Tamarron Way, Pittsford


"We are writing this letter to let you and your father know that we are delighted with our new home. During the planning stages, your patience and personal attention allowed for a development of design optimally addressing our specific needs. We also appreciated your meticulous attention to detail once the actual construction began.

These factors allowed us to have confidence that the end product would meet our expectations, despite the fact that we were living in the Minneapolis area during the building period. Particularly helpful from our point of view were the weekly telephone conversations that kept us informed of everything that was happening at any given time.

Since moving into the home, we have also been appreciative of your responsiveness to the few minor problems which have arisen.

In summary, it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks again."

William and Betsy Phipps - Springdale Lock, Pittsford, NY