About Bowering Homes

Founded in 1950 by its patriarch Bramwell Bowering, Bowering Homes, Inc is a third generation family run custom homebuilding business. Richard Bowering and his son Gregg are the two principals of the company. Despite the enormous changes in the construction industry over the last 50 years the company’s mission of “providing its clients the best overall value in new home construction through the use of the highest quality materials, workmanship, and personalized service before, during, and after the sale” has never changed.

“I think the personalized service we give is what really sets us apart from others in our field” Gregg says. “We absolutely refuse to grow to the point where Dad or I have to give up the daily overseeing responsibilities we enjoy so much”. “This goes for both our clients and our subcontractor workforce”.

By staying small and stressing the personalized service regardless of price points, the Bowering’s have carved out an enviable nitch in today’s custom home market. Delivering on this commitment for over 50 years has solidified its reputation.

“People want to deal directly with the principals when they are making a financial commitment like this”, Gregg says. “I don’t blame them, if I’m going to buy something that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars I’d want to deal with the owner of the business too.”

Unlike others whom employ salespeople, supervisors, administrative aids, foreman, etc. with Bowering Homes you will deal directly with Dick or Gregg on everything about your new home.

“When people call our office they are sometimes surprised that Gregg or I answer the phone ourselves” Dick says.

It all goes back to what Bramwell did back in 1950 when the business was started, personalized attention to the client.

Active members of Rochester Homebuilders Association, the New York State Homebuilders Association, and the National Association of Homebuilders, Bowering Homes stays on top of latest trends in the industry and takes advantage of the proven newer technologies available in the business. “Proven” technologies is the key word according to Gregg.

“Many things have come out in the last few years that may be great for homes built out west or in the south but are of absolutely no value here in the Rochester area and you have to pay attention to these considerations when deciding on making changes to what you may want to use in our business. Sometimes advances in technology are not all what it’s cracked up to be” he says.

“We want to continue to stay on top of our company and its business” Dick says. “Keeping a low overhead, building in communities that traditionally offer a great resale value, staying in touch with our clients and our great subcontractor work force is what has made us successful, I don’t see why we would want to change this.”


The Bowering Homes team

Gregg Bowering, VP and Operations Manager

Gregg is the 3rd generation of Bowerings to be involved in the family’s custom homebuilding business joining his father Richard in 1987. After many summers learning the building trades, followed by a 10 year stint with Xerox Corp in financial planning and marketing, Gregg’s diverse background has been a key ingredient to the company’s success.

Gregg is intimately involved with all phases of the homebuilding experience. You will find him developing sketch plan ideas for upcoming spec homes, coordinating the subcontractor workforce and scheduling jobs, and researching new building materials and installation techniques. In addition, Gregg has the enviable job of meeting with all prospective Bowering Homes’ clients.

According to Gregg “Meeting a prospective buyer is by far and away the best part of my job it gives me the opportunity to listen.”

Wish lists are discussed and cost/benefit analyses can be done quickly. General specifications and inclusions are discussed that allow Gregg to give a client a rough idea of pricing parameters. Meetings are then organized with the architect and the construction plans, detailed specifications, and contracts are prepared. This gives both Gregg and the client another opportunity to understand exactly what is expected of each during the construction process.

“We go to great lengths with our clients to explain everything that is assumed included in their house, this way there is no possibility for a misunderstanding down the line” says Gregg.

Gregg’s constant involvement with the design/build/construction process and close communication with his clients along the way provide for a smooth path that ensures the home is done on time with all the proper amenities.

Richard Bowering, President and CEO

Dick is the 2nd generation of Bowerings in the home building business. For over 50 years Dick has been intimately involved with the company. He started with the company in the late fifties with his father Bramwell. There are very few who have been around long enough to see the giant evolution of new home construction as Richard. His keen eye and “zero tolerance” attitude has been the guiding influence to the lofty reputation Bowering Homes has built and continues to enjoy.

In addition to his assistance in overseeing the subcontractor work force, Dick continues to be involved with all administrative functions of the company including land development and financing.

Our Talented Subcontractor workforce and Design Team

Striving to keep its overhead low, Bowering Homes relies on long established relationships with its dedicated suppliers and subcontractors to maintain the high standards they are accustomed to.

“We have some of the best craftsmen in the Rochester area working for us. Many of our trades’ people are multigenerational family businesses like us and their experience is invaluable” according to Gregg.

Long standing relationships with the areas best suppliers helps Bowering Homes keep its costs down while making sure the product will be there when they need it.