Building Offsite

We at Bowering Homes recognize that a subdivision setting is not for everyone. Perhaps you’ve driven by a piece of property and can’t stop thinking about what it could become. Maybe your family owns a parcel and wants to pass it on to you. Or possibly you already own something and just don’t know what to do next!

Getting a parcel of land ready to accept the construction of a custom home requires much planning and foresight. Issues such as approvals, septic fields, potable water supplies, electric and/or gas availability, and drive access are just a few that have to be considered before your site is ready to go.

Whatever the case may be, we are eminently qualified to help you get your site ready for construction. As one of the Rochester area’s premier custom homebuilders, our expertise extends to site development and/or approval work as well. We have the experience and contacts with the area’s most respected required professionals and enjoy excellent relationships with many of the local town and planning boards.  When utilizing Bowering Homes to assist you in your goals our name and reputation carries much needed clout. These associated professionals know they can rely on us to be organized, competent, and financially stable which translates into better service for you at a more affordable price.

Often times getting a site ready for construction and more importantly knowing how much it may cost to do this, is as critical as the actual home building process itself. The information you gain from understanding all involved with getting your site ready is crucial to knowing what limitations you may face in planning for your home. This is why we always advise to spend some time with us in this important site preparation phase before you spend too much time and money with home plans that may be unaffordable or not suited for your site.

Please feel free to contact us for a list of satisfied off site Bowering Homes clients.