Bowering Homes recognizes that not everyone wants to build a new home. Let the Bowering Homes’ team help with your renovation and addition ideas!

Our expertise and reputation in the new home construction business can be invaluable to your renovation needs. Our “team approach” is the reason why. In most cases, we can quickly provide insight into anticipated costs of your ideas and help you if you have concerns about “overvaluing” your home. Our architectural connections can provide for the most prudent and affordable ways to “blend in” the new with the existing. Our relationships with the local towns are invaluable to ensure proper permits are obtained and proper building codes are adhered to.

Renovation work is different from new home construction work. We specialize in renovation work that involves an expansion/addition. There maybe others who may be just as competent with remodeling within existing spaces, but when it comes to expanding onto an existing home, they can fall flat. Many do not have the appropriate contacts with the required subcontractors nor do they understand building code or permitting issues. We do!

Please contact us for a list of our most recent new addition and renovation clients.