"Green" Construction and "Energy Star"

Bowering Homes is proud to be a leading participant in both the New York State Energy Star program and the National Green Building program. All of our homes are built to the stringent requirements of the New York State Energy Star guidelines and are required to be at least 30% more energy efficient than current energy codes.

Further, we continue to incorporate more and more of the highly desired standards contained in the National Green Building Standard. Simply put, it is our goal to construct your home with a minimal environmental footprint as possible. Both the home and its site are designed in an integrated manner using environmentally preferred practices from start to finish.

Sound "green" construction starts with site/lot design and how the home sits on the site, continues with the most efficient use of materials for construction including recycled and zero VOC materials wherever possible, highly efficient water, energy, and indoor air quality appliances, and ends with training you on the proper operation and maintenance of these systems.

The benefits to you the customer are lower monthly utility bills, more comfortable living, reduced maintenance, and most importantly, increased value and resale value to your home.

We know building a new home is a probably the single biggest investment our customers will make and therefore deserves to be built to these exacting standards. Our homes are built to these high standards and incorporate the latest proven technologies along with traditional craftsmanship in their installation.

Please call us for further information on how we go about meeting the Energy Star and "green" construction criteria!