Controlling Costs

"On Time, On Budget"...

"My homebuilding experience was a nightmare, I had no idea how much time was involved with building a new home,
I will never do that again!"

"My builder was 2 months late in finishing our home and I was forced to rent back from the people who just bought our old home;
what a pain!"

"My home ended up costing $20,000 than my contract said it would; never again!"

We work very hard so you will never hear these kinds of stories coming from our customers. Post closing follow up surveys tell us that getting the house done on time and at the promised price are two of the biggest concerns customers have in deciding to build.

Here is what we do to prevent these kinds of nightmares from happening to you:

  1. Because you are dealing with us directly at the outset of the design process, our experience allows us to advise you on the cost impacts of contemplated design changes BEFORE they are get into the final plan. This gives you cost impact choice before costly architectural fees are incurred.
  2. We work with you on sketch paper before going to the architect and advise on a series of "option" prices beforehand. In many cases we are able to narrow down final pricing to a tight range before incurring architectural fees.
  3. Our specification package is extremely detailed and all encompassing. We insist on reviewing this with you line-by-line so there is no misunderstanding what the expectations are.
  4. At the onset of construction, we provide you with our construction selection and tentative schedule package. This document lays out all of necessary decorative type decisions you will need to make for your home, where to go to make these selections, and more importantly, when during the construction process we need these decisions. This allows you to comfortably and conveniently make these choices in a leisurely way and allows us time to properly price an "extra" that might be considered before it must be decided upon. Because the timing of decisions directly affects the overall cost, THIS IS SINGLEST MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT WE USE TO ENSURE WE ARE ON SCHEDULE AND TO CONTROL COSTS!
  5. We take advantage of the long-standing relationships we enjoy with our suppliers and craftsmen. They know what we expect and visa versa. Our reputation as a financially stable builder with over 50 years experience who pays there bills on time and makes sure the jobsite is ready for the next trade allows us the best possible pricing.
  6. We are a small, tightly controlled business and do not rely on "volume" to be successful. As such, we are able to respond to customer requests or supply market conditions very quickly. You will be dealing directly with the principals of the company on all matters regarding your home and can take pleasure knowing cost decisions can be made quickly and reliably.