The Bowering Difference

Mission Statement: It is the continuing goal of Bowering Homes, Inc. to provide our clients the best overall value in new home construction with value being a function of the highest quality construction materials and workmanship coupled with neighborhood settings in historically strong communities.

“Your Way is Our Way”…

From our start in 1950, we have remained true to this simple but important principle. It is the single reason why we are successful.  Unlike others who have come and gone, we have endured because we will never forget that without satisfied customers we are nothing.  Although such a basic principle, it is amazing at how often this simple belief is forgotten by others in our field.

A new house in a new community is the single largest investment most anyone will ever make. It represents a statement of who and what you are and what is important to you.

We believe we have an obligation to offer you the best communities in which to live while incorporating your special wants and desires in an affordable way. How well we deliver this to you, and just as importantly, to your surrounding neighbors, will ultimately determine the “value” of your investment. We know this and we deliver this.

Our homeowners have enjoyed being at the highest end of the custom home process and their homes are noticed for their attention to detail, creative design and construction techniques, and most importantly, their long-standing value. With over 300 homes built since our inception in 1950, we continue to provide our customers a foundation of superior design, craftsmanship, construction, and service.

So how do we do it? How do we compete with others whom might be bigger and better known? It is pretty simple really... We stay humble! Our 53 years of experience has taught us it is critical to take a “one at a time” approach and not have too many projects underway at one time. With the complexities of today’s home, it is impossible to adequately keep track of too much at once without losing control of the overall process and its effect on you, the customer. We will not do this; by staying small and utilizing the best suppliers and craftsman, we stay on top of and in total control of all aspects of construction process. This is the only way to deliver an affordable, true custom home value to you.

We believe the building process should be an enjoyable one for you! Although there are many decisions to be made, our detailed selection schedule keeps you on top of this and allows plenty of time for making these decisions in a stress free way. If you are contemplating something that may be an upgrade, knowing this timetable well in advance allows us to affordably price it. This saves us time and you money.

When you are ready for a new home, we would love the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams!